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everyone gets caught...

“Captives, the feature debut of writer-director Randall Chu, is a pleasant surprise: a micro-budget independent thriller that is as interested in its characters as its plot. Relying less on scares or startling revelations than dread and non-linear storytelling, Chu has crafted a taut little movie...”http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/captives.php
“Captives holds the viewer's attention with several unexpected twists and sudden turns through the minds of two couples whose lives randomly entwine during a thrill-seeking adventure gone boring.
Writer and director Randall Chu does a credible job in this fast-paced micro-budget twist on thrillers.”http://www.curledupdvd.com/suspense/captives.html
“Not quite horror, not fully a drama, Captives is more a morality tale than either of those, asking the questions, how far is too far and who exactly is the captive here?
Strong acting, great direction and a killer story, Captives is a movie that you definitely need to see.”http://www.roguecinema.com/article-1558--0-0.html